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Brian’s clients are excited, relaxed and love to have fun; they often develop a close friendship with him along the way. Relax, slow down and enjoy every part of your wedding day, knowing that he’s there to capture every moment.

Friends + Family

Weddings are about more than the couple; they’re about families meeting for the first time, old friends reconnecting, and new relationships forming as guests party together. Brian loves to capture those spontaneous, emotional moments that matter most to you and your guests.


Brian jumps into the spirit of the event capturing all of the energy, laughter and impromptu moments from the inside. The result: Personal and authentic images that showcase the emotion and energy of your wedding celebration.


Brian’s passion for photography grew through travel, and his wanderlust has taken him to many parts of the globe. Destination weddings are the perfect union of his two passions, allowing him to capture the atmosphere of your destination along with the emotion of the experience.

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